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The Common Woman Is As Common As The Reddest Wine

I don't need someone to hold me, i can hold my own.

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Starlie Drake
16 April 1986


I'm on a very slow process of writing a new bio, because the old one is about three years old. Needless to say, much needs to be rewritten, and we'll see how quickly i can do it. :p But for now, let us just remember that most of the stuff on here - while it's still stuff i like - is somewhat dated. It may not be my FAVORITES anymore, new things need to be added, so on, so forth.

I'm working on it, but after all, i do have a life...

O My, My
My Space
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My Band

More me, some of them, so on...
Recycled Rainbow, Burning Man. )'(

Oh hey, here...have some free icons. Credit, don't credit, i don't care. I made them all, so i can say that. :p Ani DiFranco and many others.


(muchly amusing in numerous areas. read if confused or bored.)

Looking for fire spinners, belly dancers, performance artists, free thinkers, phreaks & philosophers, and those seeking radical self-in-FUN-ment!
Recycled Rainbow 2008: Mutation

Mediaeval Baebes

Currently, at the Shannon Airport in County Clare, Ireland:
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she is 32 flavors and then some

Andrew Bird is Sexy Violinist Love

Tá Éire Grá

)'(, 1 giant leap, 9-volt haunted house, a perfect circle, absinthe, afro celt sound system, almost famous, ambient music, andrew bird, ani difranco, anti-consumerism, art cars, autobiography of a yogi, beauty, beck, belly dancing, bjork, black rock city, brc, buddhism, burners, burning man, burns, cake, carpe diem, celtic music, college radio, collide, coupling, creativity, dead poets society, death, death cab for cutie, doctor who, dragons, dresden dolls, ego, electric cool-aid acid test, electronica, emerald frequency, emilie autumn, evelyn evelyn, experimental art, experimental music, faerie fashion, faeries, feminism, fire, fire dancing, fire spinning, fog, frass accolades, fred and george weasley, freedom, funky, gaelic, goddesses, gogol bordello, gothic, hinduism, horrorpops, humanwine, indie, ireland, jason webley, leave no trace, life, life-awakening happenings, live music, local music, loreena mckennitt, magick, marilyn manson, masochism, matisyahu, mediaeval baebes, meditation, michael franti, mirrormask, monty python, much ado about nothing, music, mysteria, nature, nine inch nails, non-conformity, open mindedness, paganism, performance art, photography, playa, poetry, poi, punk, r.e.m., radical self expression, raves, rbr, recycled rainbow, renaissance faires, rent, righteous babe records, sadism, scorched nuts, sexuality, shaun of the dead, simon pegg, solas, sounds from the ground, spaced, spirituality, stereolab, surrealism, sweetness, techno, the cranberries, the decemberists, the duhks, the final countdown, the flaming lips, the goddess, the hessler street fair, the mutaytor, the playa, the shins, tim burton, tori amos, tornadoes, transformus, travel, truth, underground art, vagina monologues, vermillion lies, waking ned devine, weather, weird al yankovic, weird music, william shakespeare, witchcraft, women's rights, women's suffrage, writing, you, zero 7, Éire

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