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I try to spare my Facebook friends from having to hear about my workout stuff and weight loss things and stuff and things and stuff, but i want to shout it to the world anyway, so here goes. Feel free to pass this post up if this kind of stuff bores you (and i understand if it does!)


In almost 2 months, i've lost 21lbs.


That actually means that i'm halfway to my goal weight, which is just crazy. *yeeee!*

From July to Thanksgiving(ish), i've dropped alcohol. I'm currently in a low carb high fat diet thing called "ketogenic". I work out at work (in a factory), and on my days off, via dancey (lol). I'm 20lbs away from where i was when i first moved here, before i, er, got fat-ish. I feel better in many ways! And i know exactly what caused me to gain the weight, and what not to do next time.

Oh, and my favorite pair of jeans? The ones i haven't been able to fit in in about three years? They were still super tight, but i managed to actually button them up yesterday, which was a first in terms of YEARS.

I screamed. The cat ran. lol

It's a personal joy, but it s a very happy joy. I feel like i'm winning at life a little right now. :)
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