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Previous Entry I think i'm done with Facebook Feb. 28th, 2015 @ 12:28 am
No, really.

I have stress and anger problems. I've started grinding my teeth at night again. It's not okay.

This whole "what color is the dress" thing - which is about perception, not a dress - became fascinating to half of the world, and annoying to the other half. That other half of my friends list felt the need to bitch at us about it.

I actually got tagged in a post making fun of it. Isn't that goddamn classy of her. (She got deleted, by the way.)

I'm learning more about myself and what makes me happy. I am drinking less beer and more tea. I am working out and playing music more than playing video games and watching TV. I feel good usually. I am learning.

Dropping Facebook and all of that negativity is the next step i think. I haven't been on in almost 11 hours, and i already feel better.

Why can't people just let it lay. Just keep scrolling. Why do you have to make fun of people and call them stupid. Your own friends. Simply because of something they thought was interesting.

It almost breaks my heart...
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