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Changes part 3 - The Common Woman Is As Common As The Reddest Wine

About Changes part 3

Previous Entry Changes part 3 Jan. 19th, 2015 @ 08:54 am Next Entry
Through all of this - getting the dreads, realizing stuff from Mitty, hating drunk Starlie, etc - i have a lot of changes coming my way. I have a lot of adventures that i'm already planning. My summer is going to be full of outdoor adventures especially. Many mountains climbed, ziplines zipped, lakes kayaked, things seen, things done. More adventures, less bar time, less Big Bang Theory (though cuddle time in pajamas with Colin is also important), less being bored at lame parties that i have no desire to be at (but more time at good parties with my tribe).

That is what i meant by my Facebook status. I fell in the mud, i puked and cried and hated myself very much, and then i woke up, and i changed things, and this is the beginning, and i am excited. <3
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