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Changes part 1 - The Common Woman Is As Common As The Reddest Wine

About Changes part 1

Previous Entry Changes part 1 Jan. 19th, 2015 @ 08:10 am Next Entry
My life is starting to really swirl and change. I've posted hinting statuses about it on Facebook, but no details. This is the story.


I moved here to the Asheville area in 2011, just a few days before Transformus. It was a whirlwind. My dad came with me for Tfus and to help me move. Get to the house, unload all of my shit, sleep, head to Deerfields. There was no stopping.

Transformus happened, my dad went back to Ohio and i stayed here, tears were shed. Things had to be adjusted to as my world had turned slightly upsidedown. That year too, the next month, Colin and i drove across country together and went to Burning Man.

Everything was new and exciting. It was a nonstop adventure. I loved it.

3 1/2 years later, here i am. I still love where i live, i still love Colin (of course!), and ultimately, i'm still happy, but every day i went to work, every evening we watched Family Guy and Big Bang Theory, every weekend we went to the same coffee shop and usually the same bar to order - typically - the same beer. What was once a new world had become the everyday automatic. I began to really hate Big Bang Theory with a passion. lol

So recently, i finally sat down to see the new version of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". I know it probably didn't effect anyone else quite like it's shaken me, but that movie had me in tears, on a personal level. No, i'm not like Mitty in the beginning of the movie. Example: I have been places, i have seen things, i have had experiences. I can't get into biking right now because i rode my poor bike across the Black Rock desert a bit too much whilst wearing a tutu and frilly panties and nothing else, and it still has playa dust in its chains. Yes, i do remember when the effigy fell early at Transformus 2006. I was there and saw it fall. Yes, i have had my feet in the ocean on both sides of this country.
But living the same-thing-everyday life that i've developed was bothering me more than i had realized. Mitty put me to tears. He dreamed of having the courage to do things and go on adventures, and then, he actually really does them.

I watched that movie 3 times in 3 days. It was ridiculous.

But that, children, was the awakening.

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